Accounting services

Accounting Services

Accounting is complicated. But that’s what makes it such a powerful tool. Perfect for maximum overview. The question is: Can bookkeeping be done more efficiently? Cheaper? Simpler? More transparent?

SGH has the answer. Whether accounts payable or accounts receivable management – our experienced experts analyse your needs and offer customised, future-proof solutions.

We are the leading service provider for outsourcing in invoice processing and are masters of our trade: outsourcing with SGH frees your mind for your core business and forms the basis for sound management decisions.

Accounts Payable Management

Until today, supplier invoices are often manual work. However, paper ties up resources and manpower. Turn over a new leaf. With SGH’s professional services, you ensure transparency and save time and money. Starting with scanning and capture, we take over and automate your processes – from incoming mail to posting in your ERP system. Thanks to our expertise, we ensure routine and reliable handling of sensitive data.

Our expertise optimises your daily business with:
  • Receiving invoices
  • Reconciliation of invoice and order
  • Auditing, recognition and release
  • Credit-side posting
  • Payment runs

Receiving invoices

Would you like to process invoices more quickly and also reduce personnel costs in accounting? Are you looking for ways to consistently use discounts and avoid incorrect bookings? Our accounting specialists will support you in this and develop individual solutions for you. Benefit from our decades of expertise.

We scan incoming invoices for you, archive the original documents and take care of their disposal. All processes are centralised and fully automated in accordance with current data protection guidelines. Our solution offers you reliable liquidity forecasts.

Accounting Services
Receiving invoices


Your benefits:     
  • Cost savings of up to 70 percent
  • Improved quality of the booking data
  • Optimal utilisation of discounts and rebates
  • No investment in hardware and software
  • Relief for the employees
Do you work with EDI invoices or would you like an online solution? Our e-invoicing makes your life easier.

Reconciliation of invoice and order

Paperwork and incorrect data transfer are annoying and belong to the past with our solutions. With the SGH Invoice Workflow, we map company-specific verification and approval processes electronically, reliably and in the highest quality.

Master data, orders and goods receipts are automatically matched with scanned invoices or e-invoices. Payments are made correctly and securely.

Audit-proof archiving of all documents is part of the overall package and provides security for audits and the like.

Reconciliation of invoice and order


  • Cost savings of up to 70 percent
  • Smooth data transfers – fast invoice processing
  • Clean documents and perfect compliance
  • Up to 94 percent of all invoices can be matched automatically

We reconcile invoices and orders for you and advise you on the subject of business process outsourcing.

Invoice verification, acknowledgement & release

Your goal is the electronic processing of all incoming invoices? You want transparency for all participants at all times? With the web-based SGH Invoice Workflow, we offer you comprehensive functionalities for the automated, electronic verification and release of incoming invoices.

Together we develop a release concept in the set-up phase that is tailored exactly to your needs.

Authorised persons can approve invoices on internet-enabled computers via e-mail and hyperlink. Optionally, we can provide an SAP or web-based workflow for the approval process.

We help you to organise yourself even better: Our team integrates your company-specific account assignment and matching specifications and builds the bridge between invoice receipt, ERP, financial accounting and archiving systems.

Invoice verification, acknowledgement and release


  • Cost-effective integration into existing application and archive environments
  • Time and cost savings through complete electronic processing of all incoming invoices
  • Fast and rule-based approval and recognition
  • Automatic posting of invoices checked by the system
  • Neither duplicate invoices nor duplicate payments
  • Process transparency at all times for every participant – including reminders, escalation and process history

We take over the invoice verification for you and advise you on the topic of business process outsourcing.

Credit-side posting

We manage to check, book and archive your incoming invoices. Because complex processes are our strength.

Our solutions provide our customers with a maximum overview and access not only to current transactions, but also, for example, to invoice attachments and transaction logs in the online archive. This can be done conveniently, globally, at any time.

Credit-side posting


  • Reduction of archiving costs by up to 90 percent
  • Access to all processes incl. archive function – individual and reliable
  • Revision and forgery-proof long-term archiving on data carriers
  • Absolute transparency: across locations, around the clock, in all time zones

We organise the accounts payable posting and advise you on the subject of business process outsourcing.


Payment runs

Fully automated payment runs facilitate daily payment transactions. Due dates are correctly recognised and in the event of an authorised release, invoices are reliably cleared via ERP system and DTA file.

We optimise your payment processes and advise you on the subject of business process outsourcing.


Accounts Receivable Management

You love it when the numbers add up? So do we. SGH takes care of your liquidity and profitability in a partnership, reliable and service-oriented manner. To this end, we offer you holistic outsourcing solutions.

Benefit from our knowledge and our comprehensive services:
  • Creation of the invoice
  • Invoice printing and dispatch

Creation of the invoice

In many companies, invoicing is an unloved topic. The preparation of projects and services takes up a lot of time. Especially when the order books are full.

Any relief is welcome – SGH offers solutions that not only support careful and correct invoicing. Our experienced team also advises you on the subject of invoice corrections (credit notes), postal and digital dispatch and archiving options. We are at your side: so that the invoice is quickly at hand when needed – for example, for a year-end closing without hectic.

Creation of the invoice


Your advantages:

  • Qualified signed, electronic invoices including verification report.
  • Letter post for all customers who prefer paper
    Tailor-made solution for your company – no investment in new IT
  • Lean processes, transparent costs

We create your invoices and advise you on business process outsourcing.

Invoice Printing - Invoice Sending

Do you like the idea of outsourcing your accounting? You would like to go this way step by step? Try out our offer: If you send us invoice data electronically, we will send a perfectly prepared invoice to your customers. By PDF or letter post, just as you wish.

Incorrectly addressed envelopes or envelopes returned for other reasons no longer cause you internal stress. This makes it easy for you to create new freedoms. Our professionals take care of all the details with automated processes.

Invoice Printing - Invoice Sending


  • No need to print and send invoices, manpower can be used more efficiently
  • If desired, purely digital processes, without compromises, paper and co.
  • Neither protracted processes nor chaos in the mailroom

We send your invoices by PDF or letter post and advise you on the subject of business process outsourcing.

We send your invoices by PDF or letter post and advise you on the subject of business process outsourcing.


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Accounting Services