Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Gain a competitive advantage by automating your Purchase to Pay processes!

Future-proof your business, overcome challenges and create a scalable infrastructure for growth with the right combination of our P2P solutions using the world’s largest e-invoicing network.

Our P2P solutions digitise, automate and streamline your existing P2P processes so you can make smarter buying decisions, create financial agility and free up working capital tied up in your supply chain.

Our expertise

Purchase to Pay solutions at a glance

Accounts Payable Automation

Rationalise, digitise & automate your Accounts Payable processes, receive all supplier invoices electronically!


Optimise your Purchase to Pay process through seamless integration with your existing system.

Data Analytics

AI and machine-learning-enabled data analytics and reporting solutions give you powerful insights into 100% of your financial data.

Business Consulting

With over 30 years of experience, we are experts in Accounts Payable automation and e-Invoicing solutions.

Travel & Business Expense Management

Achieve savings for your bottom line by digitising & automating your travel and business expense processes.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Automation

Our Accounts Payable Automation solution enables end-to-end processing of supplier invoices from both purchase orders and non-purchase orders directly in your ERP or financial system, eliminating tedious and repetitive manual data entry tasks, reducing transaction costs and streamlining supplier invoice processing.

Fewer queries, more discounts

Receive supplier invoices directly in your ERP or financial system, speed up their processing and maximise the capture of early payment discounts. Reduce enquiries from suppliers by providing payment status as a self-service so that you only receive queries in exceptional cases.

Data authentication

Data authentication ensures that correct data is processed. Error handling is minimised and fraud detection is ensured.

Data enrichment

Data Enhancement eliminates unnecessary manual data correction and entry. Data is standardised, approval procedures for users are ensured, processing times and errors are reduced.

Legal & Compliance

Local legal requirements are met in each case with full internal transparency. Digital archiving and digital signature improves the legal and compliance functionality of your ERP or financial system.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Capturing and measuring all transaction documents at both header and line level allows you to view all your financial activity across multiple accounts and companies with customisable reports.

Supplier Onboarding & Migration

Regardless of internal processes, technological capabilities or company size, we ensure a successful on-boarding process. Automated invitations, customer microsites and custom solutions are our speciality.

Analogue supplier invoice processing

We convert suppliers without digital know-how to electronic invoicing. Alternatively, we convert paper invoices directly into your existing ERP or financial system through the OCR scanning and data capture solution together with our 4-eyes quality control.


Optimisation of the P2P process with e-procurement

Seamless & smooth integration into your existing ERP or financial system!
  • The e-procurement solution optimises your Purchase to Pay process by providing seamless and smooth integration with your existing ERP or financial system, while extending the functionality of that system and streamlining your operations.
  • With a simple and hassle-free single connection to the e-procurement solution, you can connect, communicate and buy from your supplier ecosystem anywhere in the world.
  • The e-procurement solution automatically digitises, converts and validates your communications into your suppliers’ preferred data and document formats and transmission channels, ensuring data quality and end-to-end operational excellence.

Purchase Order - rationalised order processing

  • Our e-procurement solution eliminates phone calls, emails, faxes and traditional mail from your P2P process by creating more accurate invoices in minutes instead of days, saving you and your suppliers time and money.
  • Uploading and updating orders on the ivi network with a single mouse click automatically informs suppliers of uploaded orders so that they can immediately view them directly on the ivi network or in their own ERP or financial system.

Eliminate bottle necks & error handling

  • You will experience fewer blocked supplier invoices, late purchase orders and late payments as suppliers accept, reject or request changes to invoices with a simple click of the mouse, resulting in faster supplier invoices and fewer rejections as your suppliers can easily and instantly create invoices with automatically entered purchase order data.
  • For added financial security and fraud prevention, each supplier invoice is automatically validated and checked against business rules, local legal standards and purchase order data.

Audit Trail & Compliance Plus Data Analysis

  • The e-archiving functionality ensures that you have 24/7 access to your procurement history and provides a full internal audit trail. With the search functionality and various storage options, you get better management and control over your expenses. The compliance functionality achieves secure electronic archiving of all your transactions and manages them according to local legal requirements.
  • Combined with artificial intelligence and the value-added data analytics and reporting solutions, you can analyse your past procurement behaviour, improve procurement performance and make better and more strategic business decisions.

ivi network

The ivi network is designed for global interoperability across all corporate networks and infrastructures, while our connectivity with hubs and infrastructures such as Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) ensures you have access to all your suppliers now and in the future.


The ivi e-procurement solution offers several different connectivity modes that allow you to quickly and easily integrate your existing ERP, financial system or IT infrastructure with full flexibility.

Supplier onboarding

We offer your suppliers several connectivity options that meet all digital and non-digital possibilities. Regardless of the supplier’s internal processes, technological capabilities or company size: we ensure that you can handle all documents electronically via a single channel.

Advantages for buyers

  • Dramatically accelerated payment cycles through accelerated distribution, confirmation, review and approval!
  • Eliminate errors in the manual entry of order data and achieve success rates in matching purchase order and supplier invoices for the first time!
  • Ensure authentication and legal compliance by automatically matching all supplier invoices with business rules, laws and order data!
  • Rejected supplier invoices cause delays. Overcome them and prevent late orders by automatically fixing errors in minutes, not days!

Advantages for suppliers

  • Dramatically speed up the creation of supplier invoices by automatically and instantly transferring data from the purchase order to the supplier invoice without the need for manual data entry!
  • Reduce back-and-forth enquiries and eliminate the need to contact customers by phone, email or fax!
  • Rationalise the approval process by accepting, rejecting or revising orders with one click!
  • Always receive payments on time and eliminate late payments due to rejected supplier invoices!

Data Analytics

Data analytics for intelligent business decisions

Use your procurement data for actionable business intelligence analyses!

Our data analysis and reporting solutions form the basis for success-oriented business decisions. By implementing our Accounts Payable automation solution, we include your suppliers in BI-based evaluations. By automating your payments, you have 100% transparency over your procurement spend from day one. These include direct or indirect costs, purchase order payments, contract payments, recurring payments, utilities, expenses and more.

Benefit from intelligent decision-making!

With data analytics and reporting solutions, you can identify and address process bottlenecks, increase efficiency, control procurement spend, prevent fraud, forecast cash flow more accurately, optimise working capital, minimise risk and visualise future developments.

Analytics dashboards and customisable reports let you check the real-time status of your transactions, identify procurement patterns and evaluate purchasing behaviour across multiple companies.

Gain meaningful insights into your financial data!

Regardless of your ERP or financial system and existing formats or processes, our customised, easy-to-use data analysis and reporting solutions allow you to create accurate and detailed reports that meet your specific needs.

Do you want to check the validity and authenticity of your invoices in relation to the contracted supplier, price and products? Additionally, do you want to be informed of contract discrepancies that occur and create automated business rules related to discrepancy management to reduce cycle time and error handling?

With our platform solution, you can create scheduled reports, receive automated email notifications and generate additional real-time reports as needed.

The immediate insights into your P2P process metrics, suppliers, expenses and payments allow you to make accurate cash flow forecasts. They can better plan for the future, use actionable insights to track effectiveness and use predictive analytics to determine how potential decisions could impact the business and cash flow.

Advantages for accounts payable

  • Improve efficiency by monitoring supplier invoice processing times!
  • Identify ways to reduce errors and deviation handling!
  • Capture early and timely payment discounts by eliminating process bottlenecks!
  • Forecast supplier invoices that are at high risk of being paid late!
  • Reduce risks and minimise fraud!
  • Ensure that all procurement, including PO, non-PO, direct and indirect, is managed in a central depot!

Advantages for procurement

  • Ensure 100% transparency for budget, contract and non-approved procurement across the organisation!
  • Get meaningful insights by procurement category, supplier, location or department!
  • Identify opportunities to accelerate approvals and PO fulfilment!
  • Improve supplier performance and manage supplier volumes effectively!
  • Analyse data to support strategic sourcing!

Advantages for the management

  • Use data analytics to gain deep insight into all levels of your company as well as into corporate management!
  • Achieve more accurate forecasts with predictive insights that offer optimisation and cost-saving opportunities!
  • Compare companies, countries and departments for a micro view of the organisation!
  • See role-based dashboards and drill down into root cause analysis!
  • Generate real-time and ad-hoc reports on demand!
  • Provide insights into the entire company to facilitate strategic planning!

Business Consulting

Business Consulting Experts for P2P Processes since 1990

Solving your “pain points” is our job!

Money is to a company what oil is to an engine. Proper financial management means reviewing, analysing and evaluating all the financial challenges facing your business and taking appropriate action with regard to the raising and use of funds.

With over 30 years of experience, more than 15,000 customers worldwide, solutions deployed in over 50 countries, and millions of paper and electronic invoices processed annually with an accounting value in the tens of billions of dollars, SGH is an expert in accounts payable automation, e-procurement and e-invoicing solutions.

We will work closely with you to identify the most effective strategy for using P2P solutions to solve your problems and take your business to a higher level by maximising its financial potential and value.
Rationalise and automate your processes!

By delving deep into your existing financial processes, we identify individual challenges and weaknesses. In the same step, we disclose the costs for your business processing. Based on the insights gained, we develop an effective strategy for the deployment of your personal P2P solution. After implementation, you benefit from continuous, streamlined, frictionless and automated processes that massively reduce your costs, save you time and achieve a fast return on investment (ROI) by eliminating process bottlenecks.

Implement and manage digital transformation!

Change in a business environment is never easy, especially when you are making the leap from analogue to digital. Regardless of where you are in the transformation process – we accompany you with an effective migration strategy. To make the transition from the current analogue and manual processes for receiving and processing supplier invoices in paper form to the digital world work. In this way, you end up benefiting from digital and automated invoice receipt, conversion as well as supplier invoice processing and digital P2P solutions. Together we optimise potential and create benefits for your employees.

End-to-end business consulting solutions!

Our consultants have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of digital transformation and process digitalisation projects. They share our best practices with you. We have gained the latter by supporting over 15,000 customers worldwide – including Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders. Our SGH consultants have a professional background with the world’s leading consultancies committed to digital solutions such as P2P solutions. In consulting, we focus on innovation and creativity, because we do not simply want to improve traditional, analogue methods.

Business Consulting experts for P2P


  • Significantly improve the financial health of your business!
  • Streamline, digitise and automate P2P processes!
  • Ensure all procurement spend is managed and controlled!
  • Get 100% transparency on critical financial data!
  • Future-proof your business by creating a scalable infrastructure for growth!
  • Implement industry best practices to ensure compliance with laws and regulations!
  • Identify and quantify available time and cost savings through optimisation!
  • Use the latest technologies and innovations to improve your internal capabilities and make your processes more flexible!
  • Implement the strategy from start to finish, manage the transformation effectively and discover new opportunities in the process!

Travel & Business Expense Management

Record your travel and business expenses easier and faster!

Record your travel and business expenses easier and faster!

Besides procurement transactions, travel and business expenses are another notoriously high component of overall costs in your company. Having a wide range of expenses available to your staff makes it difficult to manage costs, cash flow and the bottom line. Furthermore, manually managing these travel and expense processes costs your company hours of unnecessary work, while a single mistake can become a financial nightmare.

Our travel and business expense management solution delivers real savings to your bottom line. We streamline, digitise and automate your travel and business expense processes, reducing manual hours and eliminating errors that slow you down and cost you money.

Control your travel and business expenses!

We provide you with 100% visibility into all transaction details so you can review every digit to ensure control and compliance over every dollar spent. Leveraging your travel and business expense data means effective GST (Goods and Services TAX) and VAT recovery, corporate tax compliance and new levels of control and savings for your business.

Improve the morale and motivation of your employees!

Streamlined, digitised and automated processing of travel and business expenses means that employees’ claims are approved faster, their reimbursement is processed sooner and their morale and motivation is much higher. In addition, simplified and effective application procedures replace frustrating paperwork.

Easy and simple integration!

Our Travel and Business Expense Management solution brings together your travel and business expense data and data from the ERP or financial system with a simple and straightforward integration. This gives you a complete overview of your finances and gives you better control over the data and dollars flowing through your business, so you can ensure a profitable bottom line.

Travel & Business Expense Management Solution


  • Integrate travel and business expense management to control spending before money is committed!
  • Improve employee morale, motivation and satisfaction!
  • Easy reporting, elimination of paperwork and fast reimbursements!
  • Speed up the approval of travel plans and maximise early booking discounts!
  • Manage expenses on the go, anywhere, anytime!
  • Categorise costs accurately so that they can be allocated to different cost centres, projects and departments!
  • Avoid errors and minimise time-consuming error handling due to system rules as well as settings for per diems, allowances and vehicle usage costs!
  • Integrate company policies, local rules, regulations and laws as well as agreements!
  • Prevent fraud and fraudulent spending and ensure that all travel and business expenses are managed!
  • Let your employees benefit from easy self services and correct reimbursement!
Purchase to Pay