e-invoicing Buyer

Massively reduce the processing costs of your supplier invoices with electronic invoice receipt!

Our e-invoicing solutions lead the industry in accounts payable automation, enabling you to save up to 60% of supplier invoice processing costs. At the same time, our applications eliminate time-consuming paper, minimise human error, increase efficiency and give you more time for strategic business growth.

Transform your Accounts Payable department into a profit centre by automating supplier invoice processing, significantly reducing workload and negotiating supplier discounts for early payment programmes.


E-Invoicing buyer

Everything you need for the digital connection of your suppliers!

SGH will personally engage with each of your suppliers and effectively involve them in the development of their e-invoicing programmes. The ivi e-Invoicing solution is easy for your suppliers to use, without the need for major investment in hardware infrastructure, software or revisions to existing processes.

Your suppliers can check their invoice status online and use a self-service model that reduces calls and emails to you by up to 60%, dramatically increasing productivity and reducing costs.


Your supplier invoice data is validated, enriched, digitally archived and compliant.

The ivi solution for e-invoicing translates, validates and refines every single supplier invoice.

It enables problem-free data exchange with suppliers in various formats and via different transmission channels, taking into account local regulations. All your supplier invoices are then digitally signed, encrypted and securely archived electronically within the ivi network. You can access them there at any time.

You can also use ivi’s e-invoicing solution to send purchase orders quickly and accurately. This allows you to access supplier invoice data in real time at line item level. This enables detailed expenditure analyses.

Overview of the functions

e-invoicing reception

PDF e-invoicing Reception

Receipt of paper invoices

E-Invoicing reception

  • Digitise, automate and efficiently process invoices from anywhere in the world once your supplier is on the ivi network!
  • We take care of all conversions of documents and data formats, data enrichment and validation, including checking compliance with tax regulations!
  • ivi offers multi-country and multi-language support!
  • You have access to the ivi network, the largest network of buyers and suppliers in the world!


ZUGFeRD is a hybrid format that provides a human-readable PDF image and attaches a machine-readable XML file to it. In this way, you offer your customers a 2in1 solution with which you are always right. ZUGFeRD complies with the European standard EN16931 and can be delivered simply and classically via e-mail.

XRechnung Buyer

The XRechnung is the XML format designed by the Coordination Office for IT Standards (KoSIT), which offers a nationwide uniform solution for sending to public clients. It complies with the European standard EN16931. The XInvoice is a machine-readable XML format.

EDI Buyer

Keep your business records completely electronically. Von Bestellungen, Bestellbestätigungen, Lieferankündigung bis hin zur Rechnung, via EDIFACT können Sie die Daten aller wichtigen Dokument zwischen Ihnen und Ihren Kunden austauschen.


By using the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) network, companies can exchange standardised electronic documents such as purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices. Buyers and suppliers can connect to the PEPPOL network via access points and then start exchanging electronic documents.

PDF e-invoicing Reception

  • Send PDF supplier invoices via ivi and convert digitally into electronic invoices!
  • You don’t need to wait for suppliers to join the ivi network.
  • No obstacles to taking over suppliers, as the connection is simple and straightforward!
  • Faster processing of supplier invoices and improvement of cash flow forecasts!
  • No more manual data entry, costs are drastically reduced and money saved!
  • Capture early and timely payment discounts, thanks to accelerated supplier invoice processing!

Scanning & Data Capture

  • No investment is required – we scan supplier invoices using the latest, most advanced technology!
  • We carry out the data collection and validation for you!
  • We convert the supplier invoice into the required document and data format and upload it into your workflow together with a scanned invoice image!

Scan & Cloud Capture

  • An easy and simple DIY solution!
  • Receive and scan documents with a compatible scanner!
  • Choose whether you want us to validate the data, whether you do it yourself or a combination of both!
  • Get validated data that integrates seamlessly with your existing Accounts Payable process and ERP or financial system!

Receipt of paper invoices

  • We digitise and automate your supplier paper invoices.
  • Outsource the entire process of scanning, OCR-based automatic data capture, validation and enrichment to us.
  • Speed up the processing of your supplier invoices with our first-class scanning and OCR solutions.
  • Convert paper invoices you receive from your suppliers into electronic data.
  • Eliminate paper issues in your Accounts Payable process and eliminate costly manual processing steps.


Paper documents stand in the way of a fast, economical and secure flow of information. As a professional scanning service provider, SGH takes care of the electronic processing of all paper documents. We digitise letters, files, invoices, forms or drawings for you.

Qualified employees and state-of-the-art scanning centres at various locations guarantee on-time processing and digital capture of large order volumes. Our technologies capture a wide variety of document types – even on a daily basis and in the highest quality. The data can then be integrated into any document management system. On request, we make all information available in a protected web archive in the cloud or on servers.

Accounting Services



  • Highest quality in all formats and sizes
  • Relief in business operations
  • Scanning services create the prerequisite for the automation of information and communication processes

We offer comprehensive scanning services and advise you on the subject of business process outsourcing.

Dynamic Discounting

Turn receivables into liquidity and liabilities into income.

E-Invoicing Buyer