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We are experts in the field of Financial Supply Chain!

With an average of more than 30 years of experience, we have specialized in the optimization of cash flow and purchase financing (central settlement) on the basis of modern, integrated and automated platforms.

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Gerrit Hoppen

CEO & Managing Director

Gerrit drives SGH’s vision and strategy and is also managing partner of SGH Group. Er ist verantwortlich für das Marketing und den Vertrieb unserer finanziellen Supply-Chain-Lösungen. Gerrit is a future-oriented and dynamic business developer who is always looking ahead for innovative, smart solutions. Er bringt über 30 Jahre Projekt-, Management und Branchenerfahrung mit. Gerrit is enthusiastic about people, music and truly efficient processes.

Julia has been working on the topic of process optimisation for 15 years. As Head of Service Delivery within the SGH Group, the authorised signatory is responsible for the area of Business Process Outsourcing, among other things. As an expert, she advises global corporations on the topic of e-invoicing. Based on the individual workflows of its clients, it develops automation solutions for the digital creation, exchange and processing of payment requests between buyers and suppliers.

SGH Service

Jens Moeller

Head of Business Development

Jens is responsible for our business unit and corporate development. In his many years of work, Jens was a management consultant for a long time. Jens then helped banks to successfully align themselves strategically and operationally. He is passionate about digital transformation, automation and business process optimisation. In his spare time, Jens is a dedicated flight instructor and amateur radio operator.

Clarissa is responsible for digital sales, marketing and corporate communications at SGH Group. With her many years of in-depth expertise as a digital leader, she has a presentable track record in the areas of change management, implementation of new business concepts, sales and communication in both the SME and corporate environment of a leading international bank.


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We are experts in the financial supply chain. We are passionate about developing solutions to optimise business processes and purchase financing (centralised settlement) based on modern, integrated and automated technology platforms.

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