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From the order to the receipt of payment

The processes from the order to the receipt of payment are extensive and contain many sub-steps. Sending numerous individual invoices to one recipient is not efficient and involves a lot of effort. SGH optimises this process for you!

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e-invoice Shipping

Automatically convert invoices into the document and data format your customers want.

PDF e-invoice dispatch

Go paperless, guarantee delivery of your customer invoices, speed up payment cycles and save time and money.

Digital archiving

Always ensure that your documents are in the right place at the right time and are stored according to local rules and regulations.

E-Invoice shipping

Send all customer invoices electronically and guarantee delivery from day 1!

Sending paper customer invoices is a manually laborious and lengthy process with high costs, low efficiency, frequent errors and delays leading to process bottlenecks and late payments. Our ivi solution helps suppliers around the world transform digitally by enabling you to go paperless, guarantee delivery of your customer invoices, accelerate payment cycles and achieve time and cost savings. With the ivi platform, you reduce customer invoice management costs by 40-60%.

Guaranteed and faster dispatch of customer invoices!

With ivi you can send customer invoices electronically – regardless of which document and data format your current customer invoices are in. At the same time, you know when the invoices have been received. We process, translate, validate and enrich your data before sending your customer invoice directly to your buyers in all countries around the world. All your customer invoices are digitally signed, encrypted and digitally archived within the ivi network to comply with local legal requirements. You can access your invoices at any time and automatically convert them into your customers’ preferred document and data formats.

Increase visibility, overview and control over your accounts receivable!

From confirmation of receipt to receipt of payment, ivi gives you complete tracking and visibility of your customer invoices so you don’t waste time on delivery and processing, get paid faster, improve your cash flow, end the stressful hunt for payments and negotiate better financing options. In addition, compliance is ensured as customer invoices are automatically converted to meet local VAT requirements.

e-invoicing shipping


This concerns all common transaction documents:

  • The application is intuitive
  • From any application
  • Automatic dispatch in the recipient’s desired format (electronically, via e-mail or as conventional letter mail)
  • Delivery takes place via any channel customary in the industry
  • No investment
  • No changes to existing systems and workstations
  • Individual testing and release processes are taken into account

ZUGFeRD Supplier

ZUGFeRD is a hybrid format that provides a human-readable PDF image and attaches a machine-readable XML file to it. In this way, you offer your customers a 2in1 solution with which you are always right. ZUGFeRD complies with the European standard EN16931 and can be delivered simply and classically via e-mail.

XRechnung Supplier

The XRechnung is the XML format designed by the Coordination Office for IT Standards (KoSIT), which offers a nationwide uniform solution for sending to public clients. It complies with the European standard EN16931. The XInvoice is a machine-readable XML format.

EDI Supplier

Keep your business records completely electronically. From orders, order confirmations, delivery notices to invoices, via EDIFACT you can exchange the data of all important documents between you and your customers.

PEPPOL Supplier

By using the PEPPOL network, companies can exchange standardised electronic documents such as orders, delivery notes and invoices. Buyers and suppliers can connect to the PEPPOL network via access points and then start exchanging electronic documents.

PDF e-invoice dispatch

Start PDF E-Invoicing now & get paid faster!

If you have customers who want to receive electronic invoices with structured data, you can now meet their requirements. To do this, they can continue to send PDF invoices and do not have to change their internal processes. There is no need for further IT projects, new systems or process redesign. Simply send your PDF invoices to the ivi network and ivi will convert them into electronic invoices with the customer’s preferred document and data format and transmission channel.

Meet your customer requirements and still send PDF invoices.

Keep your existing process while we speed up invoicing your customers to ensure you receive payment faster and reduce your costs compared to processing printed paper invoices.

PDF e-invoice dispatch


Keep your existing processes!

  • Send invoices by e-mail or upload PDF invoices with the customer’s e-invoice address to the ivi network!
  • ivi converts the invoice into a true electronic invoice with the customer’s preferred document and data format and transmission channel!
  • ivi supports more than 350 invoice formats including PEPPOL with guaranteed automatic delivery and built-in compliance!
  • Increase transparency and control over your accounts receivable (A/R) process with customer invoice status tracking.

Digital archiving

Audit-ready automatic & secure digital archiving solution!

Archive your documents, search them and access them easily! End the long and tedious searches through mountains of paper and automate the storage of your customer invoice documents with ivi’s electronic archiving solution. With ivi, you ensure that your documents are always in the right place at the right time and stored in accordance with local rules and regulations. You can easily and quickly search, identify and retrieve your customer invoices whenever you or the tax auditors need them.

Digitise and centralise your document archiving and meet local requirements!

Eliminate paperwork, moving documents from one place to another or manually reviewing filings by digitally and securely archiving all your customer invoices electronically in a central repository. You save real estate costs by eliminating large filing systems, you save time by easily accessing any document you need and you always act legally compliant as ivi’s archiving solution supports the local archiving rules and regulations of many countries.

Protect and secure your data!

Protect and store your data in ivi’s electronic archiving solution, which is based on the latest technology and uses digital, electronic signatures. All data is stored in an unalterable and non-erasable form to protect your data and ensure compliance with local rules and regulations.

Digital archiving


  • Compliance with legal requirements for electronic archiving and VAT regulations in over 35 countries!
  • Set up multiple digital archives that meet the specific needs of different countries or business units!
  • Automatically manage data integrity, data authenticity, data location and retention periods!
  • Get an enterprise-level solution that supports your processes worldwide!
  • Improve controls, streamline electronic archiving processes and centralise document management to ensure smooth data storage!

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